What do I offer?

  • Policy, industry and feasability analyses
  • Customised information on financing options for innovative sustainable projects
  • Project coordination and management
  • Teaching

In what field?

Climate change and the circular economy are my main areas of expertise, but I am confident in covering all topics somehow related to environmental protection.

Previously covered topics and sectors

Climate change

  • Climate change mitigation
  • International and municipal climate policy
  • Physical climate risks and resilience

Circular Economy

  • Rethinking value chains
  • Recycling technologies
  • New business models

Industry sectors

  • Textiles & Fashion
  • Shipping
  • Cement
  • Recycling
  • Plastics: esp. micro- and bioplastics
  • Sustainable finance/Impact investing

How do I approach my work and how do I provide a particular perspective?

Climate and environmental challenges are complex by their very nature. There are so many questions in the environmental nexus for which answers have been formulated that didn’t work; hundreds of questions for which the answers have not yet been found, and even more questions which haven’t even been asked yet. That we ourselves are part of what we call the environment doesn’t simplify things at all.

Based on those premises I have advised universities, municipalities, and businesses in this intricate sphere since 2018. Accepting that there are no universal answers when it comes to our relationship with nature, I focus on asking the right questions that people should be asking but don’t. My aim is to provide an optimistic, yet realistic outlook on possibilities; to make you realise that the given challenges can almost always be transformed into opportunities. And if they can’t, I will kindly but frankly tell you that, too.

The perspectives I can provide you with are often different simply because I am not a specialist. My education has been holistic: I am proficient in the natural sciences, business administration, finance and economics, as well as in environmental and climate policy. This I complement with extensive reading into relevant neighbouring disciplines, sparked by a curiosity that has always defined me. I am able to get along in different disciplines and industries – and I am generally happy to become acquainted with diverse issues and acquire new skills.

In my work I try to be an optimist without being a fool. The transformation ahead will be a rocky road and it will demand a great deal from individuals and societies. This does however not make it less necessary to pursue.

If you wish me to join you on this journey, do not hesitate to contact me. Be assured that your inquiries are treated as strictly confidential.
Please note that my rates differ according to the nature and length of the assignment and are only available upon request.